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Whisky Lover - Accessory & Tasting Kit
Whisky Lover - Accessory & Tasting Kit

Whisky Lover - Accessory & Tasting Kit

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This is a great gift for any Whisky Lovers - be it a father, boyfriend or grandfather - it is sure to delight anyone who enjoys a warming tipple.

This Whisky kit contains a set of six whiskey cooling stones.

Our set of Whiskey Stones are housed in a cotton bag, perfect to keep in the freezer ready to pop into any drink when it needs to be chilled without the dilution of water. Just rinse after use, pop back in the bag and reuse again and again.

We also included a set of two heavy glass Whisky tumblers. The weight and quality of each glass adds to the deeply satisfying moment when the whiskey touches the lips and you can begin to relax.


  • 6 Whiskey stones (& pouch).
  • 2 Whiskey tumblers.
  • 2 Coasters.
  • Notebook.
  • Pencil. 

Measurements: The packaging for this kit is a cylinder. It measures 20 x 10cm.

In the 15th century, Scotch whisky was born when the Scots discovered the beautiful intricacies of fermenting malted grains. In order to keep their drinks cool, Scotsmen broke chippings from volcanic rock, cooled beneath the peat of the highlands and placed them into their tipple. In other words they made Whisky stones. The whisky stones contained in this kit allow any whisky lover to keep this tradition alive.