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The Ski Survival Kit

The Ski Survival Kit

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A hand-blended lip oil using coconut oil to soothe them from the biting cold. We made moisturising after-sun cream with sunflower seed and rosemary to restore them from the elements. Included is a hip flask for the ride and a glasses cord for when the ride gets bumpy, all put it all in a rugged, re-usable tin that's made for the job.


Hip flask. 30oz. Why leave the aprs-ski to the bottom of the mountain?
All natural lip oil. 10ml. Made by hand with coconut seed oil. It softens and moisturises naturally without leaving residue on the lips.
Hand-blended after-sun. 30ml. It's hard to believe but sun-stroke is a real problem on the slopes. This after-sun is mixed by hand using grape seed oil, Vitamin E and essential oils.
Sunglasses cord. Because losing your glasses on a glacier is a bit inconvenient.