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Win at Father's Day 2019!

How to win at Fathers Day… find the best gift for Dad this year.

If you’re like me, you’ve left it to the last minute to get Dad something for Father’s day - and asking him now what he wants is a dead giveaway.

Sometimes the best gift is not the one those TV commercials and junk mail are screaming about in their ads.

Sometimes the best gift is the one he’s not even asking for!


It’s time to stop buying Dad Bunning’s vouchers and start showing them the finer things in life. 


Dads - they shave.. a lot.

Don’t let him go another day smothering himself with his $2 shaving cream using his hands.

There’s a way to shave when you’re 15, and there’s the right way. Level up your Dad’s shave game with some luxe shaving cream or really open his eyes with a Damn handsome shave brush.


Trust us, he isn’t going to ask for this, but he’ll never look back once he’s got one of these. Mum will be quietly happy with him having this too!


Dads – they love tools!

He’s a tinkerer, a collector, and amused by little things. We’ve got him covered. These are the kind of things he’s talking about when he says ‘surprise me’.

Some Dads just want something different in that wrapping paper.

Get him a 10-1 Multi-Purpose Tool he can put in his wallet and never hear the words ‘has anyone seen a bottle-opener’ again.


A dress watch. You didn’t!

Does your Dad wear the same watch to the beach that he does out to dinner like mine does? Seriously, a G-Shock when he’s in the yard is fine, but let’s not pretend it fits in every situation.

Have a look at these watches

t’s time to spruce up that hairy wrist of his..


More than just ‘Nice ties’

Some people will say Dads are sick of ties for Fathers Day.

Those people are shopping for their ties at Target.

Getting a ‘nice tie’ nod from work colleagues when wearing a tie your kids got you is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Make him feel a million bucks with a neck piece from our unique range.

Our ties catch eyes - a Peggy & Finn tie (above) will make his day!


Ok, so maybe you’ve given ties for the last few years.. or maybe he’s a bowtie kind of guy..

You could get him the same cufflinks that everyone has, from the limited range that Myer or DJ’s has on offer..

Or you could smash him out of the park with our little gems.

Trust me, cufflinks seem small to you, but they’ll give Dad an extra foot of self-confidence next time he’s in his best suit. Pictured above are recycled Tasmanian Oak cufflinks from Peggy & Finn.


Whiskey accessories

If you’re really up against a wall for ideas, and he likes a good whiskey, look no further than these. Especially for those who detest the primitive, flavour-diluting, fast-disappearing objects everyone else uses to chill their glass.


Whiskey stones are here from the future - to save Dads drink.


Our entire fathers day ideas collection is right here


Get in here ASAP and order your Dad something that will make him smile.

Because that’s what this day’s all about really isn’t it?

Don’t let him trudge into Bunning’s or JB another year with his cold gift voucher in his hand.

Get him something he’ll love and make Fathers Day 2019 memorable!