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What should I wear …?

Mr Gifts gives tips to young players all wondering the same question... what should I wear today?


What should I wear... to the races

Spring has sprung, and that means we’re off to the races.

Shopping list:

  1. Tie/bow tie

  2. Pocket square

  3. Cufflinks

  4. Money clip / card saver

 What should I wear to the races


Figuring out what to wear isn’t always as easy as it sounds when you’re off to watch some horses run – but sure, it can be hard!

First off, you’re probably going to want to wear a tie, most races are a causal affair, so you can really lean into those brilliant colours and match yourself up to your date, or bring it back traditional with something more subtle.

Either way, ties are a staple at the races, and you’ll be the centre of attention with these eye-catching pieces.

Next, grab a pocket square. Race carnival aethetic rewards the small touches. Match up a beautiful pocket square on your suit and you cant go wrong.
Cufflinks set off a tie/sock combo like magic. Make sure your outfit is complemented perfectly – have a look at our beautiful recycled wood links.Suits aren’t made to carry wallets, but races are.

You’ll want to have something on you that can minimize the bulge your money will be making, or go super sleek and ditch the paper all together with a card saver.

What should I wear ... on a first date?

First things come first. We’re talking impressions. On a first date, PLEASE don’t turn up late, unshaven, unwashed, with dirty socks.


Shopping list:

  1.   Face wash

  2.   Shaving items

  3.   Body scrub

  4.   Socks

  5.   Classy watch

Wear on a first date

Most dates involve a meal. Most meals involve sitting down, most sit downs involve opposite seating. This means your face is going to be front and centre for the majority of the date. In other words, you’ll want to wash that head of yours, and shave it down.

Make it something someone wants to look at while they’re talking to you. If you’re not shaving, make sure that beard is well kept with some beard oil.

Smell good. Wash your body.

You can lather all the cologne you want, but unwashed tends not to go unnoticed. Get this part right and the rest is just details.

If you’re looking to lighten things up, slip into some humorous socks. A hidden laugh at your ankles is well underestimated.

Finally, add some class to your wrist. A classic watch like our campus range can completely level up your entire game.

What should I wear ... to a wedding?

While wedding's dress codes can seem obvious, trimmings throughout your look are expected - and will complete your outfit.

Shopping list:

  1. tie/bowtie

  2. money clip

  3. tie bar

  4. hipflask

what wear to wedding guys

Ties, or bowties are the norm. If it’s a traditional wedding then this is where you’ll want to focus most of your attention. Modern weddings see many more bowties in recent years and we have some absolute standouts in our collection.

As with the racing scenario, some kind of wallet replacement is necessary. Suits hate to bulge, so don’t carry your day-to-day wallet in either your breast pocket or thigh pocket. Use a money clip, and use one that exudes class like our matte gold money clip.

A Tiebar. Particularly if its an outdoor wedding, a smart tiebar will both close out your look, and keep you looking suave if the wind has other ideas. They’ll also save your beautiful tie when your lean over to greet people on your table. Get one, you' thank us later. 

Lastly,  It is possible, that you’ll want something a little stiffer than the beer, wine and softdrinks they’re serving at the bar. This isn’t a ‘what to wear thing’, more of a what to bring. Keep yourself looked after with our classic copper hip flasks.

What should I wear ... on an adventure

Hikes, travel, day on the water,  or weekend away, adventure-wear is a dress-code of its own.

  1. Bag

  2. Watch

  3. Water bottle

Adventure clothes stylish


Most of the time, you’ll need something to carry everything in. If you’re going for a while, or carrying stuff for someone else, you’re going to need a bag designed for adventure. Our Seek Society Roamer Archival bag is both functional, minimalist, enviro-friendly, and fantastic size for the short day trip.

Adventures, no matter how unplugged they get, are better when you’ve got the time. Though don’t wear your dress watch out on a boat or when adventure seeking in the great outdoors. And we aren’t talking about donning your bulletproof Casio. Stay cool, keep casual, and have a watch that is as relaxed as you are.

Going real far outdoors? Hydrate or die. You’ve gotta stay watered. Keep it cold and stylish also, with a stainless steel Seek Society water bottle.

What should I wear ... to the beach?

Beach weather is here, and style is as important as ever when heading down to the sand for some good times.

Shopping List:

  1.   Hat

  2.   Bag

  3.   Rug

  4.   Cards

 Wear to the beach

Keep yourself shaded with a classy Will & Bear 100% Wool hat. Theres hats, then there’s Will & Bear hats. Do yourself a favour.

You could hit the shores with your gear in a coles grocery bag, or you could give your beach look a complete revamp and take your things down in a sweet Karlo backpack. Sling one of these over your shoulder and get down to those sandy shores.

One of the great beach conundrums. To lie on your towel, or not.

Do it after taking a dip, and you’ll have a soggy dry off when its time to leave. Save it for the end, and you’ll crumb yourself in the sand like a prawn.

The answer? Beach rug.

Get a rug for the beach this summer, and relax out with your friends, sand free and keep your towel for home time!

Our Seek Society hand woven camp rug is unbeaten (pardon that) in value and quality.

It’s ok guys. Deciding what to wear is hard for everyone!

Just follow this basic guide and you’ll make ends meet stylewise.

We’ve got a lot of events coming up, races, wedding season, beach season and of course the odd weekend getaway.

Getting dressed up for these things can cause frustration and confusion. But knowing what to wear usually comes down to the details.


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