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Travelling In Style

Just like men's grooming, mens' travel has changed too. Travel style is important for so many reasons. Comfort is paramount when travelling long haul, and so is ensuring you look fresh on arrival. Impressions last, and he who steps off the flight looking dishevelled can appear unprofessional and disorganised. Traveling the right way means arriving in style and ready to take on the world.

Dress for Comfort.
Know what the climate is expected to be at your destination and pack accordingly in your carry on. If the weather is warmer than your departure destination, minimise the layers - a suit bag is an essential here for storing jackets and blazers. If the weather is expected to be cooler - keeping additional layers, including scarves and gloves, enables you to quickly prepare for the chill, and look stylish at the same time.

Dress Smart.
Hate lines? Want to move through security screens more effectively? Stow the belt and watch in your carry-on that way you can move quickly though the lines. Choosing easily removable shoes is a must. Don't be that guy, holding everyone up. If you aren't flying business for long-haul, pack something comfortable for the flight. Socks and loose fitting, smart clothing are essential.

Pack Smart.
Keep a small collection of grooming essentials in your carry-on. There is nothing worse than the fuzzy teeth, crusty-face feeling of lengthy travel. Keeping some simple grooming accessories with you (always choose a clear bottle no large than 100ml - or you will lose it at security!). Packing smart means spending the time to freshen up before you land so you look and feel great when you step off the aircraft.


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