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The Evolution from Camping to Glamping

The Evolution from Camping to Glamping. Traditional camping may not be the ideal escape for everyone; sand, mozzies, and more sand. Camping has evolved from the standard fire, tent, and sleeping bags into "glamping". A style of camping that comes with amenities such as simple camp cooking essentials, bathroom essentials, spacious tents and shelters, luxury sleeping arrangements, and hot showers.

It's how you make camping more fun, more of an enjoyable adventure. You still get to rough it, but in style. In most cases, there is no tent to pitch yourself, no fire to build, and no sleeping bag to just unroll. A lot of glamping tents even provide electricity for convenience.

An updated, modern version of camping that is more luxurious, more glamorous and involves a lot less hassle.

Glampers tend to prefer air mattresses with foam gel padding, or even a camp-cot versus the hot and stuffy traditional sleeping bags. They prefer lanterns or fairy lights for a more relaxed environment, and they use fire pits or wood burners opposed to the usual fire that is set on the ground. Lots of glampers stock up on food items such as organic fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, and always have a fully stocked cocktail cabinet.

Glamping takes the rougher elements of camping and makes it an escape that is worthy of so much more. It allows you to take the stress and mess out of traditional camping and instead provide you with a more relaxing and romantic environment so you can truly marvel at the wonders and beauty of nature around you, especially on clear nights with your favourite playlist coming through your portable Bluetooth speakers.

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