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Men's Grooming: It's A Thing And It's Important

Men's Grooming: It's A Thing And It's Important

Men's grooming is here to stay. From beards to moustaches, skin care lotions to hair pomades, the world of men's grooming has well and truly evolved. Gone are the days of dry, flaky skin and unkempt facial hair. Men now understand the need to keep their hygiene and appearance in check, and on point. In the past few years we have seen a boom in men's grooming trends, products and businesses and it is not slowing down.

The New World Of Grooming

Thankfully the grooming industry has embraced these needs and we now have a vast range of products for every man and his look. As with any boom, however, sometimes the important parts get lost in the hustle. Yes, men's grooming is a thing and it's important but there are simple basics that are the most important.


Like great shoes, the style and upkeep of your hair is what draws you to a person, it frames who you are. Your hair says something about you, perhaps you're tired or lazy or running late. Nice hair says I care about the other people here and I take this seriously. Make your hair a priority, go to the barbershop every 4 weeks, be a regular. Find the products that work best for your hair. Most importantly, work with your genes. Find the best ways to keep your type of hair healthy and when the time comes that taking care of your hair no longer involves hair, accept it. Bald guys are hot and there are some innovative ways of keeping that healthy as well.


It goes without saying that a nice smell is better than the alternative. A bad odour can leave a bad impression, and a great smell can, and will, linger in people's minds for a long time. Just showering isn't enough anymore, in fact too much soap and water can be harsh on your skin. Likewise, cheap (read: nasty) chemicals can impact smell and ruin any close encounter. Find some smells that work for you and make it your signature. Keeping it simple is the rule of thumb here.


Whether full beard, something lighter or baby face, groomed and clean is crucial. Even extravagant beards and moustaches require the right balance of regular grooming to ensure thick volume and that clean, handsome look. Taking the time to find the right facial hair shape is important - different styles work better on certain shaped heads and jaw-lines. For a smooth, fresh-cut look, quality grooming products are a must. Cheap razors leave bad marks. Good clean razors do the best job when matched with natural brushes and oils. A man's skin is different to a women’s. Different textures, greater oil production, and thicker - meaning men’s specific skin care is imperative. Not only do the right products need to match the right skin types, but also cater to the differences in a man’s skin. Get it right and get results.