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Gadgets for guys: 6 Gift ideas that are not socks

Give him something that makes his life easier. Laptops, when not being used, are those people that park across two parks. They chew desk real estate, and give nothing back. Of course you can try and lean them against the wall, or kind of, open it, so that it stands.. up. But not, let get serious with our workspace. Give a recycled skate deck laptop stand and make that desk roominess spark joy into his personal space.
If he’s a kitchen guy, a cool oven mitt like this will be very welcome in his cooking gadget arsenal. Don’t let him grab those racks out of the oven with old smelly tea towels. Fire up the laughter in the kitchen space. Even the kids think these are funny.
Bottle openers aren’t just gadgets for guys themselves. A party or gathering needs at least one, if not two weapons for bottle opening, and why not make them fit the décor or personality of the host? We love all of these and think he will too.
Speaking of attractive diskspace, gadgets don’t always have to be functional. Give him a unique puzzle for the workspace that’ll not only keep fidgety nerves in check but is actually SO hard to solve. Perfect for the inner nerd in all of us.
Most guys don’t have a keychain object. Some have floats, for the boat, some have lanyards, some have bottle openers. But, most will be scrambling for a charger cord at the best of times. Have one of these on him at all times and recharging the phone or other device will be a breeze. These are definitely one of the most clever gadgets for guys and girls alike we’ve seen.
The ability to tighten, cut or open things on demand is his unwritten responsibility. Have a keychain that can keep ad-hoc maintenance jobs in check. These not only perform amazingly, but look great also.
You don’t need to break the bank when picking out a gadget gift. These are just the beginning of a huge collection of awesome gifts for men that Mr. Gifts has in its collections. Shop now and find a gift for the guy who has everything.