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Ethical brands you should follow if you like living on earth

Sustainably produced brands are more than just good for the world we live in. They make the best gift ideas and look incredible.
Have a look at these green brands you’ll definitely want to buy.


Seek society

Hand woven, recycled materials are where seek society shines. Natural fibres like cotton (or canvas if you’re looking for the mot beautiful tent options you ever seen) make their products hard to pass on. Simple, sustainable designs that don’t break the bank, Seek society is one to watch. - Seek society Instagram.

Seek society sustainable gift


Peggy and finn

These guys are on a different level when it comes to ethical gifts. Recycled timber cufflinks or even unique ties made from Eucalyptus fibres, designed by local Australian Artists, this brand is a homegrown gem.

We have sets and singles for gifting any occasion.

Mens society

This is a brand that understands people are screaming for chemical-free shaving products. Beeswax moustache waxes, natural beard oils, paraben-free and of course no animal testing involved, mens society is a leader in natural grooming products for men. Check out their Insta here or have a look at our collection for more info.



While we’re on skincare, Handsome, hand crafted in Byron Bay, is something else. If you’re really looking to give something special, that is designed to protect the earth’s future, Handsome skin care is definitely for you.



Handmade gifts are better for the world. Period. These Australian designers bring quirky, sleek, helpful pieces to your home. If you’re looking for a unique, inspired gift, definitely have a look at these guys. We love them.


Alchemy produx


Finally, Alchemy produx, 100% natural soy wax candle designers based in Melbourne Australia. Sara and Tristan handmake these beautiful design and chemistry inspired products. The candles are actually inside chemistry glassware, like beakers and tubes, and bring an innovative twist to sustainable giving. Try them out, you wont regret it.


Do yourself a favour, follow these brands, give them to your friends, we think they’re some of the best ethically minded and sustainable gift products on the market.

Shop our collection, we’ve chosen the crème of the crop, and have the same goal in mind as you – giving that perfect gift.