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Designer Look: BENDO – Simple Wall Art

When it comes to wall art that is simple, Melbourne-based designers Kristian and Annabelle do it, and they do it well. Each piece of the Bendo collection is made of a single wire, artfully bent and beautifully angled into amazing and often completely functional shape.
Worlds apart from the cheap plastic goods filling the stores of today’s shopping centres, Bendo finds a way to tread the line between functional and minimalist art.
There’s a reason Mr. Gifts has always stocked their products and its simple (just like them) – quality. Designed by industrial and graphic designers who have one thing in mind – eye catching, well-designed homewares. And that’s what you get. Have a look and see if you agree.

Magazine Rack

Perfect for the professional office, studio or waiting area, or even a personal bathroom, this wonderfully crafted, but still very simple piece of iron is hard to go past. Store those in-depth troves of delicious celebrity news somewhere neat and tidy! If you’re in the market for something for someone who has everything but a place to store their addiction to gossip, you might have found it.

Pacman wall art

The icon of an era. Computer game or 80’s lovers will geek out at this awesome piece of simple wall art. Perfect for the mancave or even the studio apartment of a uni student, this is one of our faves. Undeniably cool, yet simple enough not to take over the wall. Pacman will live forever. We love it. 
Pacman Simple Wall Art

Wine rack

Its that time of the year, the bottles will start stacking up and what better way to display your collection than with an Australian made and designed piece of minimalist iron. Sleek and attractive, with or even without a bottle inside, this functional piece defies gravity and just looks cool. Perfect for that corner in the kitchen where nothing goes or even for mounting the EVOO or cradling the sacred secret recipe chilli sauce.

Coat Hanger

Can I take your coat? It will just be on the paper clip. HUH? That’s right, what looks like just a cool piece of simple wall art that is a gigantic oversize paper clip, actually doubles as a functional piece. Perfect for hanging your coat, hats, holding the dog’s leash… Really, having something simple, that looks cool, doesn’t take up floorspace, but also acts as your butler, and is a designer item… must be expensive. Nope.

Dog bowl

What do our best friends want this Christmas? Its going to be a hot one, we know that, so having an extra bowl of water out for our beloved pooches is a really good idea. But they just look terrible don’t they? Always off palette in our homes, usually made of cheap plastic or breakable ceramics. Bendo have produced one of the best items we think out there for dogs (and lets be honest, our house-pride). Mr. Gifts has them on sale right now so get them while they last!
Bendo, they’ve really captured our attention, and rightly so. They’ve made simple wall art and functional homewares look incredible. And they’re Aussies. We love supporting our own. So if you’re canvassing for something different, or unique to give someone this year, why not something that will help them out, plus look incredible. That’s the best thing about minimalist art, it goes with anything. It doesn’t take over. It doesn’t scream for attention. So they’re a safe bet for anyone on the other end of the gift. They’ll either love it, or really love it. Which sounds like a good deal to us.
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Enjoy your shop, and good luck on finding the perfect gift.