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Choosing the Right Timepiece

Choosing the Right Timepiece

Choosing the right timepiece -  a milestone in any man’s life. There are an array of styles and designs available as well as different internal and external features. A timepiece is simply any form of a clock or watches that tells the time, but it is the watch or timepiece with a style that will get noticed and provide you with excellent design and high-quality, to be admired for years to come.

Before purchasing your first timepiece, you should consider the following:

Watch Movement

The watch movement is important and often overlooked when finding a new timepiece. The watch movements embody the inner mechanism of the timepiece and produce the effect of the hands moving around the face. There are three different types of watch movements.

Mechanical: Does not require batteries, produces smooth hand movements, and portrays a lot of character. Mechanical watches require regular winding and can be sensitive to the environment due to their intricate springs and gears.

Automatic: Does not require batteries, does not need to be wound, produces smooth hand movements, and portrays a lot of character. They are also sensitive to the environment and should be stored in a watch winder while not in use.

Quartz: Provides accurate time, requires less maintenance and are more durable than other watch types, and are also affordable. The movement isn’t as smooth as the other styles, and they have less character, sometimes lacking the charm that the other watches have.

Watch Style

The style is also an important factor when choosing a watch. Find a timepiece that fits your personality and your budget and meets your needs. Is it a field piece or maybe a dress piece that you need? Define your style and translate it into your next timepiece with fantastic craftsmanship, romance, and personal value and prestige.

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