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13 Secret Santa gift ideas for the office

Its that time of the year. Christmas lights are being setup. Supermarkets are selling wrapping paper. Company busy-bodies are starting to plan for Christmas parties, and Secret Santa names are being piled into the most festive sack we can find.

Secret Santa, it’s sometimes awkward, sometimes funny, but most of the time its really hard to find a gift your secret santa wont just raise their eyebrows and politely smile at.

Mr. Gifts has a variety of small gifts that push the boundaries of awesome, without pushing the spending cap. 

We’re talking Secret santa gifts under $20, if you’re looking for something with a little high price range, have a look in our other collections.


Aces High - Stainless Steel Card Shaped Bottle Opener

Regular price$6.50 $4.00 Sale

What cooler way to pop beers at the company Xmas party than with this ace up your sleeve. Sure to put a smile on their face, this one is small, but packs a punch in the satisfaction department. A great gift for anyone around the office.



Cellar Dine Wine Barrel Thermometer

Regular price$12.00 $5.00 Sale

Real wine drinkers love their accessories. This barrel shaped thermometer will not only be a great talking point at the function, but will make sure the vino is enjoyed at optimal temperature.


Bobino Cord Wrap - Organise Messy Cord Clusters

Regular price$8.00

One thing computer accessories don’t come with and that’s anything to make sure your desk doesn’t become a birds nest. If you’ve got someone for Secret Santa who hates mess (or even doesn’t) give them something that will make their life a litte bit neater at work.



Alchemy Produx - Candle Wick Trimmer - Black

Regular price$19.00 $10.00 Sale


Christmas time means candle time. Of course, if you don’t know why you’d give your SS one of these, they prevent soot from forming on the glass. Give a nice clean candled Christmas to someone this year.


Awesome Copper 3 in 1 Pen Tool

Regular price$12.00

A Christmas Miracle. These 3 in 1 pens are always a favourite. Spirit level, screwdriver and pen. They’ll be in the kids good books when they’re installing batteries after Santa has visited, and will 100% be utilised over the holiday season.


Minim Playing Cards

Regular price$14.95


Give your Kris Kringle something unique this year. For sure there’ll be time for card games over the break. Give them something as cool as a minimalist deck of playing cards!


Coffee Tumbler Cafe Latte (2pcs) Eva Solo | Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbæk

Regular price$30.00 $15.00 Sale


Designer keep cup. If you want to really make an impression, these are your bag. These coffee cups not only make them stand out from the hoards of keep cups up at the café, but save the earth too. Also, you get 2.

Cocktail Shaker

Regular price$15.00


Available in a variety of cocktail variations, these cups have the ingredients, and levels where to fill the cocktail to on the outside. Idiot proof their festivities, and give the most practical drinking gift there probably is.


Classic Travel Games Compendium 4 in 1

Regular price$20.00

Know someone who’s going away for the Christmas holidays? If your Secret Santa person is, arm them with some vintage games to whittle the time away on the plane. This ones a boredom buster, get one for yourself if you want to stave off the kids in the backseat this Christmas!


Bendo 'WOOF' Man's Best Friend Bowl + Stand

Regular price$38.00 $20.00 Sale


Got a dog lover on your hands? Bendo makes recycled designer furniture look incredible. If you’re person is into hounds, they’ll be all smiles when you get them this water bowl and stand. And for $20, you’d be barking mad not to..


8-1 Ultimate Accessory Pocket Multi Tool Set

Regular price$20.00


The warmer months means more outdoor adventures. Give your SS something that is practical outdoors and lightweight in the backpack. Complete with a pocketknife, torch and compass, this set is a beauty for a stocking filler.


Hilarious Beardy Drink Coaster Set by Bernard & Samuel

Regular price $20.00


Bearded folk will rejoice when you give them a coaster set that matches their grooming choices. Guys with beards love beardy fun gifts. Give them something they obviously think is awesome.  

Swordfish Bottle Opener from Men's Society


Regular Price $20.00

Simple. Understated. The Swordfish bottle opener. It not only works awesome up against a bottletop, but will look great hanging on the back deck as an ornament while it waits for its next aluminium victim.


So there you have it. 13 fantastic secret santa gifts for the office draw. Don’t be that person who decides a $20 gift voucher is exactly what people want this Christmas. If they want to spend $20 at Bunnings, they’ll go an do it themselves.

At Mr. Gifts we’re about giving. And giving properly. Choose a gift that isn’t just going to get lost in the chaos of Christmas. With the variety we have to choose from, you can get them something that they’ll really love.