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Mr. Gifts || We specialize in special || We’ve got the perfect gift for him.

The best gift for a man can be hard to find. Stylish, classy and unique gifts seem to have been pushed aside for cheap, mass-produced items that it feels like everybody owns.


That’s why at Mr. Gift’s we’ve broken the mould…


We say no to factory lines and yes to homemade

We say no to animal testing and yes to ethical practices

We say no to “Top 10” and yes to the bespoke

We say no to landfill and yes to the recycled

We say no to the ‘oh.. thanks’ and yes to the ‘oh wow!’


Whether it’s finding the perfect present for him on Father’s Day, getting the best gift for the ‘hard to buy for’ brother at Christmas or pushing those eyebrows right up on Grandad’s birthday – Mr. Gifts has ideas for every man.


We’re not just another online gift warehouse.

If you don’t care what you’re buying, head down to the shopping centre and mindlessly buy with the rest of them.

Our gifts can’t be bought with a hardware store voucher, and they aren’t being flogged off by the thousands in an online marketplace.

We don’t just manage sellers

We pack every item ourselves

We provide one to one customer care.


We carefully select unique, hard to find and special ideas to help you find the gift that he’s probably never seen before. From whiskey accessories to grooming essentials, beautiful watches or amazing ties to make him stand out in a crowd, Mr. Gifts has collected something for everyone.


We cater for all budgets, we know not every gift is a wedding gift or that 21st birthday present. We know sometimes people just want ideas for gifts under $50, or maybe you need to find several gifts under $10 for stocking-fillers? We have every price range catered for - without compromising on quality.


The thing is, we all know what it’s like to get an ordinary gift, from an ordinary store. It’s nice, of course, because it’s the thought that counts, right? But we also know what it’s like when it’s not just the thought of giving that went into it, but the thought of the actual present. Our collections page has arranged our catalog into personality type. Have a look, think about what type of person you’re giving to, what will give them that ‘perfect gift’ feeling. That feeling what will set your gift apart.


Because in that moment when he receives a gift that’s been specifically chosen for his personality, you know he’s getting that nice, warm feeling, sometimes everything pauses, maybe just for a second, when he’s smiling, looking down at the gift, the moment resumes but the feeling, while it fades, is etched into that day and that memory forever.


That’s the feeling we aim for, that ‘perfect gift’ feeling.